Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wife Swap Biggest A-Hole - Stephen Fowler

One my favorite guiltiest pleasures in TV is Wife Swap. Yeah yeah.. you can judge me all you want but who doesn't love to watch 2 families collide in culture, child rearing and morales!!!! ME!!!! or I wouldn't have the inspiration to write this post.

The setup:

International Family - Educated, world traveled, educated, hard pushing parent, educated, judgemental, educated got sticks up their ares.. and and.. did I say educated?

Midwestern Family - Paint Ball loving, fun loving, fast food loving.. letting out your waist line in your pants loving... and and.. not so educated.

This is a perfect setup for good TV and I quickly got my soda and popcorn.

Okay, I thought my favorite episode was the one with the French husband who cooks bread all day and was the most hysterical cat yet on the show..

NOWWWW.. I got one different.. The most ignorant UK dude I have ever seen and I have seen a few! Every now and then I encounter a Brit who thinks they are god's gift.. but this guy takes the cake. In the end.. this man has totally verbally abused this Midwestern housewife and managed to insult the entire population of the Midwest. The woman predicted that when the show airs.. he should be waiting for quite a few Midwesterners to come pummel his skinny green arse.

Well it appears that did happen and this man is now receiving many death threats and is being harassed relentlessly. He is the subject of almost every blog and has already 50,000 hits on Google search! Someone even established a web site dedicated to peeps just to bash the arse hole! There is a whole American movement to blacklist this guy from just about anything, oh and get this, his wife is a life coach!!!


Ok time to check out the highlights on the show, and if you click on this link for YouTube, you can check out the entire episode.

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