Monday, February 16, 2009

Wario Land SHAKE IT!!!!!! (Wii)

Last week my 15 year old had some friends over and I found the 3 of them sitting on the steps with my 18 year old, with their cell phones in their hand shaking it violently infront of them low enough to get a good shaka shaka shaka. I stopped myself short and just glared at the boys with a whole lotta crazy chit in my mind that was not allowed to come to my tongue. It turns out they were playing this new game on their cell phone.. and the purpose and name of the game can be left up to your imagination. The winner is who finishes first. Needless to say I have confiscated all cell phones.. What happened to using the phone to make calls???
UPDATE: My 18 year old son just told me the cell phone game is I-Jack. Hmmmmmm I have a feeling most teen age boys are downloading this game. I better check my cell phone bill for porn charges..

Anywho.. below is a tidbit of Alec Baldwin playing a similar game with his sons using a Wii. Same concept.

Ch Ch Check it out.

Who needs visual aids any longer to bast off your rocket?????....

I'm just saying...

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