Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Is Why You're FAT!!


Yeah I said it!!!! YOU KNOW WHY YOU ARE FAT!!!! You are stuffing that greasy, salty, fatty, pussy looking disgusting chit INTO YOUR PIEHOLES!!!! Now.. I must say.. the reason I am fat is due to big bones and an issue with my thyroid. I SWEAR!!!!! I do have a doctors note and an x-ray to prove it.. Please view the medical documents on my other website at : http://WWW.I81U812/mla

If you want to check out this site for the most disgusting food you most likely have eaten or upload your own disgusting food pics to contribute.. CLICK HER FATTIES!!!

Now if this makes you want to go on a diet or stick a finger down your throat, check out the next post that will ensure that you will only eat whole natural foods. Wait. I think it is a natural food.. wait. maybe this gross ass food is the better alternative..

Please comment here and tell us how many items you have actually eaten. Please don't be shy and be honest. We are all sitting on our arses tapping on the puter all day stuffin the pie hole. Well at least you are.

I'm just saying..

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