Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Look At Marmaduke

Krike!! Is this Marmaduke who is having a bad year????

I am worried about this guy. some peeps who are too old to know we are not quite waiting for this.. We would rather have more funny than a sitcom or something else.. I want Marmaduke too jump on tables. slobber the folks and eat the Thanksgiving dinner.. This may not be a hit but it is a flashback from the past..

You younging might not know who he is so google his cartoon slides.. Its a favorite newspaper cartoon from my youngin days..

Man that was so long ago...

I feel like scooby doo on a bad night..


Drunk Man Tries To Resuscitate a Dead Possum?

Police say they charged a Pennsylvania man with public drunkenness after he was seen trying to resuscitate a dead opossum along a highway.

State police in Punxsutawney say several witnesses saw 55-year-old Donald Wolfe, of Brookville, near the animal Thursday afternoon. Police arrested him along the highway, Route 36, in Oliver Township, about 65 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

The Associated Press could not locate a home telephone number for Wolfe.

A state police news release did not specify how Wolfe was allegedly trying to revive the roadkill. The arresting trooper did not immediately return calls for comment Friday.

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I'm Just Saying...

Burger Brawl At Whataburger

Who goes to a burger joint and expect this kind of entertainment??

If a Man doesnt get his burger.. watch out!!!

Lord have mercy!!  yeah yeah.. I say that all the time but I do have recollections of my man throwing plates of cold spaghetti through my small kitchen window staining my window curtains since he came home late from the bars.. and yes.. it was cold.. 

Men are cold and hot...

Hot.. let me strip for you and give you a lap dance..  He was hot.. but no.. I would not give him that..

Cold..  you came home late for dinner.. you could of heated up dinna... I still didnt give him that dance.


This turd below is an example of my life..

I'm Just Saying...

Dog Gets Sprung From The Joint!!!

Poor wee lad Winston the dog has finally been sprung from jail since he chewed off the bumper from a PO-lice VE-hicle. It is said that this is not his normal behavior which got him sprung from the Doggy Jail in time to get home to get some lovin and rubbin from his owners.. Maybe a pork rind as a treat?

Now.. I do think there is a conspiracy theory here. I think the poor wee lad Winston smelled bacon.. Yep.. I said it.. He smelled bacon and went WILD on that cruiser to put a cap in his ass. I think someone set the poor lassie up and taintied that car with pork grease and he couldnt contain himself. Its not that poor dogs faults since how would he get his hands on pork grease!!

I'm Just Saying..

Genius Bank Robbers

Genius bank robbers call the bank ahead of time to let the bank know they are going to rob their asses and to get the loot ready..

Lord have mercy!! If I only knew it was that easy!! I would be rich.. with a million dollars, a mansion and a yacht!!!

Bugs Bunny.. how could I been so stupid...

I'm Just saying..

Jamie Olivers Food Revolution

Has anyone else been watching Jamie Olivers "Food Revolution"?

I really think this is a fantastic show and the county that he is revolting against totally needs his help.

Poor Jamie is trying to demonstrate to the kids and adults the processed food and how they are made.  He takes the chicken bones and guts.. puts them in a food processor puts them in a siv, mashes them up and adds crumbs and seasoning..  THis whole time he demonstrates the yuckyness that you would think kids would not want to touch...

Well he was wrong.. the friggin wee babies still wanted the food.

What the hell are we teaching kids to put in our mouths???  Its not the kids.. its the parents.. 

No wonder sex is on the rise with kids.    Peeps promote all kind of bad stuff..

THis is what processed chicken looks like in a factory when done mashing up all the bits that only dogs eat..

I'm Just Saying...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guys Fight In Public Aid Office

Holy Cat Fight!!!!!

These dudes at a public aid office is totally out of control and I freakin love it!!!

The one dude in the purple has some mean right hooks then stomps around to find some more of who wants a peice of him... them he breaks out in a dance.. and eventually does the bow to the crowds... lord it got my blood pressure up and had to reach for my pills to keep me from having a coronary..

Hey may bow out like a lady.. but he fights like a guy!!

I am cornfused!!!!

I'm just saying..

Sheep Pig?

Who decided that a pig rolling around in its own chit deserves to have wool on its back? 

Someone decided to get a sheep and a pig to do the nasty and make beautiful music together with the fiddles of "Deliverance's" "Dueling Banjoes" while the pig was tied to a tree, squeeling while the sheep was making his way with her.  Ahh.. the good ol days of "Deliverance" with no teef backwards sheeps who were inbred and ruling the forest to the likes of Burt Reynolds, John Voight and Warren Beatty..   Again..  the twang.. of Dueling Banjo's ring in my head unmercilessly and gives me the uneasy feeling that I have to lie flat on my back to protect myself!!

I'm Just Saying...

Drunk Dude at Coachella

For some reason, I totally identify with this guy!!  I think he is my long lost fraternal twin who did not share with me or even take me to this event.  I am secretly pissed at him for bogarting!!!

Look at this dude have a "situation" with his flip flops..  I mean.. well.. it makes him flip flop all over the place to carefully slide his feet into the flip flops but unfortunately, he sees 3 of each.  If I was there I would of helped him on with his shoes and stole his backback cause you know.. there is great contraband in there..

I'm just saying..
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