Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Hours and Days are going by.. and Lo And Behold.. nuttin.. NO COMMENTS!!!! I am working me arse off to entertain you buttheads to no avail.. NO COMMENTS!! I do see a bit of traffic and would think a post or two.. BUT NO!!! I am starting to check me pits with a quick sniff.. no, dats not it.. then I smell me feet.. no, nope thats not it. WHAT THE HECK!!! I KNOW YOU CAN'T SMELL MY STINKY ARSE BREATH SO WHAT THE HECK!!

As I checked me email as I do hourly.. A sweet lady named Sandy Dahlink..(my darling friend) emailed me with a few concerns on how she can't post a comment. She thought she was daft.. and all which most peeps are here.. but she only enlightened me on the fact that my comments where disabled. THANK YOU SANDY DAHLINK!!!!!! If it wasn't for you, I would still be brow beating myself on why no one was commenting thinking I was a lame arse turd wasting my time!!! I love ya Sandy Dahlink.. Ok for all you peeps who don't know about Sandy.. She has an AMAZING DAUGHTER!!! Her name is Correna and she sounds like she knows her stuff and can spot talent (wink wink) Well any girl from Sandy is a girl of mine. I would think she can be a talent scout.. (wink wink) God my eye hurts. (huney.. does your eye hurt or did you parents give you a strange name?)

Sandy and Correna.. tankies much for the heads up which the udda peeps had no back bone. Who in their right mind would think I of all peeps would not enable comments. I LIVE TO SPLICE BACK IN YOUR WORST WEAKEST MOMENTS!! Lord I feel deprived..

For Sandy Dahlink.. I have a music video dedicated to you... Just cause I wub u. Ok for the record this will be the only sappy chit I will spew. This is going to ruin my reputation..

For Correna.. I got one for you too. You are not unscathed. ROCK ON CHICKIE!!!

Ok I can't embed this one.. cause they wont let me.. but here is the link... its awesome and rebellious. Okay that certainly was me the blonde cute one jumping on stage.. I still have my scars to prove it..

I'm just saying..

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