Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whats Up with Elizatouch Fondling herself?

Akay.. Akay..Akay..

I am all for woman getting familiar with their bodies.. (Lord Have Mercy.. It would be TMI to go there!) BUT!!!!! I do think there is a limit on how much you touch yourself in front of the whole world!!!! OKAY! OKAY!!! We get it.. when you are pregnant.. You GOT to show of the taa taas.. and when you are not.. you are missing the taa taas. BUT LORD HAVE MERCY!!!! Stop fondling yourself in front of America!!!!!

Ch Ch Check out the following link to either get disgusted/disturbed with the woman and all her touchy feely stuff.. OR.. for some other reason you watch a woman fondling herself.... there are different sites for you to visit. Wait.. I will capture your IP Address and report you as a sick frick!!!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Touching Herself - More amazing videos are a click away

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