Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mickey Rourke Accepts Spirit Award

HOLY CRAP!! Thank God I told him not to acknowledge me for the muffin baskets!!!

Micky.. is just.... Mickey.. Lawd Have Mercy of all his skills in accepting an award and thanking peeps. Take a gander and the King and all his verbal skills at the spirit awards. He took the house down with his candor and verbal repertoire. I give the man kudos to his what the fwuck attitude and just say it like it is..

A tidbit that is too much..

Ok one final thingy.. WTF is up with Philip Seymour Hoffman with that hat? He wore the same fugly hat at the Oscars and I am getting to think he don't give a chit!! No FUGLY HATS AT THE AWARDS SHOW!!

Ok I feel better...

I'm just saying..

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