Monday, February 16, 2009

It Must Be Sun Stroke!!

Sitting on the beach all day can do crazy things to your brain!!! I wonder if it had to do anything with the contents in his beverage cooler? When I was a kid, my parents took us to the beach often in the summertime and we had always packed 2 beverage coolers. One contained Kool-Aid for me and my siblings.. and the other one contained um... I don't remember what it contained. Every time I asked my parents what it was.. they called it BUG JUICE! Now I didn't really think my parents were drinking juices of bugs, but I certainly did know that it was something I was not allowed to drink. Hhhhmmmmmm....

Anywho.. This following video demonstrates what happens when you drink BUG JUICE on the beach under the sun and then try to put your clothes on. I never knew putting on your clothes was so hard?? Oh Wait.. last night trying to find my pajamas took 20 minutes after a WHOLE LOTTA BUG JUICE!!!!!!

I'm just saying..

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