Saturday, February 21, 2009

Holy Bird Hunting!!!

Holy crap peeps.. this tidbit has scientist crazy figuring out why or how this bird is hunting/fishing for wee fish like an expert fisherman! Check out this bird throw out his bait.. wait.. reposition the bait.. and then go in the for the kill.

Ok this is nothing short of me baiting my kids and trap scenario. That's right.. I throw a fricken bone.. wait for the bait... YES!!! they go for the bait and lo and behold!! The believe me that they are adopted and if they wish to keep living in my home.. they must scrub the floors, cook my meals and tell me how gorgeous I am.. by the hour.

Hey whats the use of kids of you can't use them and abuse them and get a free pedicure at the same time??? I do worry when they have the blade in the device that shaves my feet thou..

I'm just saying...

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