Monday, February 16, 2009



OMG.. I am trying to relax and git me buzz on and holy crapper!!! The man runs down the stairs to show me a picture he found on the internet. Now I am thinking.. holy chit.. this is Aileen's time and you have no business down here while I am blogging.. this is secret chit...

Anywho.. this man went to boarding school in Switzerland with alot of braniacs. Peeps who's pappy's found a whole lotta establishments. So who cares.. Now he had this one kid in his school.. A kid from a Jazz Man.. He put the kid in the school when he travelled in Europe. My man has told me stories.. but he did not tell me this. It turns out all these years he was on a cover of an album for this musician!!!! He is freaked out!!! How does he not remember the so called photo shoot! Anyway.. he was so cute as a bambino and I am getting naughty thoughts.

Ch Ch Chexk it out. He is the sweetie pie looking left.

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