Saturday, February 14, 2009

Octo Mom's Nose Is Grooooooowing...........

Ok first her stomach grew to the size of 50 watermelons.. NOW her nose is growing..

It has been reported that sources close to Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman said that her church was helping her locate a new home for her and her 14 babies. Octo Mom has recently commented she attends Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, which prompted several media ho's to follow up inquires concerning her attendance. Now, the church had this to say.. "We can say, however, that she is not personally known to our pastors or staff. And to the best of our knowledge, Ms. Suleman's only contact with us was a minor inquiry regarding our Children's Ministry."


Hmmmmmmmmm.. some ones nose is growing.. and growing and growing.. Why would someone have to lie about their religious practice? Does that make you a better Octo-Mom?

I'm just saying....

P.S. The photo is from a fun blog called Pretty On The Outside.. ch ch check it out. This guy is an amazing artist. OH!! One more thing.. HE IS A BRAVO JUNKIE TOO!!!

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