Monday, February 2, 2009

My Sweet Pea

Okay.. I need to share with you peeps the talent that my grandson has. He has the ability to shake his hips better than Shakira. He is so talented that I am going out on a limb and hiring a manager and a publicist.
Now his father (my son inlaw) in the backround is a bit wacked and I see evil thoughts coming through while trying to hide them with his hand over his mouth. I am going to slap that mouth with my sock that stepped in dog poo. That will teach him.
So my sweet baby boy is putting all his good stuff out there with his amazing moves and trying to assemble a microphone while grooving to Alvin and the Chipmunks. He thinks he is a rock star and I may have to invest. Okay for the cutsie effect atleast. Listen to my daughter crack up in the backround. OMG OMG.. she sounds just like me when I am laughing and I am shocked to hear it this way. Akay.. one more thing... My daughter is wacked and see's sideways. She has been sideways from birth and since she was little we had to admire her while tilting our heads to our shoulders. Its not too hard but you do get a crick in your neck. She now pays for my chiropractor. It was a deal I made with her before I let her leave the nest.

This child thinks he is fonzie... AYEEEEEEE


  1. He is most deffinately a sweet pea

  2. opps, sorry, definitely

  3. Awe Shucks.. I can say that he gets all his moves from his GMA. lol


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