Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free Hugs Vs 2$ Deluxe Hugs!! You Choose!

There has been many a day when I was feeling so low that I could easily chew the gum off me shoe without even contorting myself into a pretzel to do so. Sometimes I feel no one loves me and feel like a leper that even my own granchildren wont even throw me a fricken bone!! I have to douse myself in gallons of vino just to take the sting out of feeling neglected, unwanted and just plain unloved...

There is also many a days where I want to be invisible and demand no one speaks to me as not to hear;

Mom!! wheres the ketchup,
Mom!! Do I have clean underwear..
Mom!!! Whats to eat..
MOM!!! He's bothering me... wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

So I cant decide if I want a hug or not, but if you THINK you want one, get some love below in the video and if your really hard up for cash, this is a new idea to raise money and sucking the bucks outta peeps who are lonely and desperate.....

I'm Just Saying..

Happy Ending Massage?

I remember when I was a youngin and guys talking about happy endings at the local massage parlour and me thinking you were getting a big dollop of cotton candy or a lovely crystallized red candy covered apple. OH WAIT!! As a kid we had a huge stand up freezer in the garage and we would get out the cookie sheet, plop down the dixie cups, stick in the spoons and pour in the Cherry Kool-Aid and just wait!!! The bottom of the cups had like an italian ice gushy frozy type of matter on the bottom and that was always MY happy ending to Kool Aid POP!

Ok I digress, again.. here is a happy ending that is not happy for some but in my book can be enjoyed with that Kool Aid pop while munching on the bottom of that Happy Ending Pop..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Facts On Farts.. An Education For You Turds

Facts About Your Farts
Source: Online Education

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Gay Leprechaun Returns!!

The Gay Leprechaun has striked again! If you havent seen the first installment.. click here.. I am sure this in one of my lost long cousins.. from some other planet.. but If he brings you ambien.. DONT TAKE IT!!!! RUN!! DONT WALK AND STAY AWAY FROM THE BATH HOUSES!!!

I'm just saying..

A Yackaatateee A Yackaateetoo....Kick your feet up peeps and sing the leprechaun song!!! A Yackaatateee A Yackaateetoo....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Gay Leprechaun



As the Luck of the Irish would have it, We have a wee video of the Gay Leprechaun for our grand viewing pleasure!!   His dances are adorable, mesmorizing and just plain out makes all the lass's and lads of the world want to get up and dance!






Sunday, March 14, 2010

SNL Saturday Night Live 3/13/2010 Hosted by Jude Law

I already posted the hysterical digital short below with Andy Samberg below and have to share a few more clips from the show last night.

If you dont watch the view and picking apart Whoopie Goldberg, than you may not get the following clip. I love how she is always portrayed as the know it all and if she doesnt know the answers.. she just says.. "You dont know.. you werent there.." etc. Her eye bugging out trying to speak to the masses with her looks are getting really old. I wish when she was bugging out her eyes that someone would slap her on the back of the head so they pop out and put her out of business. Or maybe she can place an eyeball at far sides of the country so she can be all knowing and seeing.. sigh.. she is getting on my nerves.

Orrr... if you are a ol game show junky of the old days and remember password, SNL has a rendition called secret word. Unfortunately, the word is not so secret.

Any my favorite next to the Andy Sambergs video below.. is an episode of "Really" With Seth and Jerry Seinfeld talking about Eric Massa and his groping/fondling,massaging, and diving for gold.. REALLY??

Well... thats all folks!!!!!!!

Andy Samberg Digital Short, Boombox (Can Save The World)

The video for Boombox is here! From The Lonely Island's debut album "INCREDIBAD"

 The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone performing a fantastic video premiered on SNL last night and I predict this will go viral!!  If not give you a viral infection from watching this video.  I kid you not!  I am already getting itchy in the girly bits and have a visable rash.

If you don't like funny, side aching video's coupled with a great chorus, then dont click play. 

I warned you!!

Genius!!!   I nominate this song for a musical pultizer prize!!!  WHO'S WIT ME???

Monkey Hot Tub, Dancing and Jumping Elephants

Monkeys in Hot Tubs..   Dancing Elephants,  Jumping Elephants

and a montage of funny videos..

Just Because....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shit My Dad Says on Twitter

This is a must see!! 

ShitMyDadSays is the real twitter feed of an unemployed writer that moved back home with his father and spent hours a day twittering the crazy stuff that comes out of his father's mouth.

Now.. this has become a twitter phenomenon  and ShitMyDadSays is becoming a TV pilot starring William Shatner.

Freaking Unbelievable!!  The shit that comes out of the fathers mouth is poetic.  More like a cranky, sick of shit poetry. 

You dont need an account to view the twitter so click the link above to laugh your ass off!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Handsome Mans Club

I am not a huge fan of Kimmel, but this was pretty genius.  I want to create the Fabulous Womans Club and I want to be the president and of course a member.. cause.. ya know... I am .. just fabulous!

Cell Phone Prank

This stuff is too good..  I wish I thought of this..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Candy Spellings Humble Abode

Holy Mansion... Below is a video of Candy Spellings most modest home.  This house is fricken sick.  This makes me want to cry and realize I have accomplished nuttin!!  I dont even have a special room to wrap gifts in!!  I have to move back the coffee table and get the wrapping out of my attick while I make a kid tear off tape and hand it to me..

Sigh... I want to be rich..

I'm Just saying..

Snow Board Dogs... WOOOWEEEE

This video surely brings out the AWEE factor while we watch these sweet face doggies ride the snow board down a snow mountain. How come they have better balance than I do? I dont snow board but I do skii and this video brings back memories of when my ex and daughter accidently had me ride the lift all the way to a diamond spot on the mountain in lieu of the bunny slope.

Now a little background, It was our first day on the slopes, 3 boys in skii camp, me in my gorgeous expensive snow suit, hair all teased up behind a thick headband which the top of my head was freezing.. Full on makeup. Macara, eyeliner.. the full nine yards!!!

Now here I am on top of this friggin mountain, and they only way down was.. down. I was screaming and yelling and decided to try and go for it. Unfortunately, I lost control and headed straight for a snow machine.. twice.. in the face!!!!! I looked like a huge snowball rolling down the mountain.

I dont think I ever let off a huge barrage of cursing in my life until that day and wanted to kill my ex. (Hence the word ex)

By the time I got halfway down the mountain, I finally started to thaw.  I felt a river running off my head and had to quickly strip and throw into the dryer.  I went into the bathroom to look in the mirror and my face was streaked with black liner and mascara with streaks of foundation and blush which made me look like my face was hit by a truck.  What a freaking mess!

On one hand.. I look at these dogs and say awe.. but on the other hand.. it gives me flashbacks of what I would look like if I got hit by a truck and it aint pretty.

I'm just saying..

When Dogs Snowboard from Mountain High Resort on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tracy Chapman.. - Fast Car

God do I love me some Tracy Chapman and I do love this song. I was inspired to post this song for my brothers GF who is awaiting for her man to come quickly from Florida to meet her in PA.. A love story in the making.. No shnark here..

Sean.. get in your fast car and get there quickly....

You got a fast car... you gonna be someone...

God I love this song..

I'm just romanticle...
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