Monday, February 2, 2009

Them Dang Firecracka's

As a Parent, I often wonder if I taught my son & daughters everything they needed to know to lead a safe and sane life.

You know what I mean . . . . .don't run with a knife, don't stick beans in your nose, don't lick a frosted piece of metal, etc. But you know I think I might have missed this particular piece of advice. Lets face it, if my son or daughter ever tried this totally idiotic stunt I would figure they are way too stupid to make it in this world anyway......!

Never . . .
Ever . . .
Ever . . .
Put a FIRECRACKER in your ass and light it.
I REPEAT . . ..
Never ... Ever ... Ever Put a FIRE CRACKER in your ass and light it ! ! !


  1. Aileen, please tell me that is a photoshopped picture.
    Noone - I mean NOONE can be that much of a dumb@ss! (no pun intended ;-) )

  2. LOL Stacee... I think that dumb@ss will be scratching his arse for a looong time. I wonder if he knows where that is? The poor mother... spawning an idiot like that must of broke her heart...


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