Sunday, February 1, 2009



Someone PLEASE help me with the link below. Truly I believe that they created this site just to make me crazy. I am in software and I thought I could figure this out but to avail.. that has not happened yet. Even my resident man is a senior technical manager, also has to think about this. (He is a deep thinker, I keep picturing him as that think statue... nekkid...) I have my whole family now involved and the boys think they may figure this out. My youngest son is talking in tongues about probability. I dont understand a word he is saying.. Maybe I have too much brain damage from the vino.. but this is going to haunt me.

Please go this site and help me get a clue!!! Pick a double digit number. Then add the 2 numbers together and subtract from the original number. Then go see what gift is associated with that number and see if the magical evil sooth sayer has that gift displayed in the next screen.. LO AND BEHOLD!!!!! SHE DOES EVERY FRIGGIN TIME!!!!!!
GIFT THIS YOU !&@&#&&$)__%($!!!!!

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