Saturday, February 7, 2009

Evolution Of Dance 2

Ok you peeps.. we got a second act for Revolution Of Dance! This boy got moves and I am getting nasty thoughts... His hips move!!! Ok you gotta check out the hiney shaking move. (vapers)

Is it me or does this guy remind you of too many bad weddings you have attended and don't remember how you got home???? Or... too many bad weddings and you woke up the next morn to that slug??????

There is something that the way this hottie slaps his hands together above his head makes me think he swings for the udda team.. Or wait.. maybe it was is slip down butt out and slip back up move while arching his back on Fergies London Bridge song.. No straight white boy has that kind of moves..

But.. I still want to tap that ass!!! Any man who's hips shake and rattle and roll like that.. well..

I'm just saying....

Ok for the peeps who live in a cage.. here is the first video that created all the ruckus.. CAN YOU HANDLE.. THAT!!!! (Okay that was Ben Stiller for peeps who still live in the cage..

i'm just saying...

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