Thursday, February 5, 2009

The View Needs Men?

Akay.. I gotta say.. the man of multiple personalities here demonstates the crazy on the view. I think this is his screen test for The View and we need to get this video to Bawba Wawba AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! I sooo see this dude-ette as a new host and maybe part time commentater. He will do what ever Bawba Wawba says which means he will be her new favorite. I have visions of him/her resting his head in her lap while she strokes his/her weave.

Things this dude-ette will do for Bawba:

- Pretend we love each other
- Be respectful in the middle of an argument
- Have tact when dissing your co hosts
- Take criticism quickly when live and have a smile.. blah blah..

I think this dude-ette will be a great addition to The View and we should endorse him. Please send me lots of money at my paypal account so we can sponser this dude-ette and get him/her hired.

I'm Just Saying....

The View Needs More Men Less Gays! - Funny home videos are a click away
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