Friday, November 20, 2009

I Got Into A Fight At A Hockey Game

Lord Have Mercy!!! Don't mess wit me stick!!!

(you can see me with the pony tail protecting me man! lmaooo

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Speidi Go At It With The Insider!!

Holy crap!!! This was a knock-em down fight in this studio where they got alot of punches in to Speidi and you can clearly see that Pratt does not give a crap!! He is the King of Mean and it shows!!! LUVS IT!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Prank Wars - Sky Diving

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christopher Walken Does Poker Face

Who doesn't love Christafa Walkin?? Especially doing Lady Gaga's Poker Face?
Again, Walkin does not disappoint. AT ALL!!!

He's the bomb!! I'm just saying....

Going To Florida To See These Babe's!!!

Hello Peeps!! No sooner am I back from St Martin, I am now heading off to see my Gbabies in Flordia! I will still be around but maybe not posting as much...

See ya on the flip side!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thought Of The Day..


Have you ever wondered if the bills in your wallet were ever in a stripper's butt crack?


If not, you're wondering now. Have a nice day ..

So folks, always remember to wash your hands after handling money

That's my public service announcement for the day. Thank you very much!

Thanks to my online friend Lorie

Sunburned and Peeling Skin

My Sun Burn is alive and well still, and now peeling! I look like a friggin albino snake shedding its skin and my grandson has found a new obsession, peeling grandma's back.

I was upstairs in bed yesterday reading my book and I told Mr Man, Honey, you wouldnt believe it, but Patrick found a new obsession, he has been peeling my back all morning... The Mr Man being the germ phobe that he is, asked me quickly..

"Uh.. where did he put it all"?

My eyes bugged out and said.. "Uh.. he put it in a tissue" and I started to slowly brush off the sheets and hoped he wasnt looking.

He then asked me what the peeling was all about.. I was like.. You never saw a person's skin peel before from sunburn? He totally freaked out and proceeded to tell me how disgusting it was and guess what? He started to peel my skin and got fascinated with the size of the peels and showed me each one. LMAOOOOOO

Well once he was done, can you guess what he did? Reached over and got the hand sanitizer and cleaned his hands. Lord have mercy.. We swap spit and other body fluids but he is worried about dead skin?

Well, I guess it could be worse and look like the following peeps:

I'm just saying...

Kathy Griffin Official Book Club Selection

Ima Just Saying Book Club Selection Of The Week!

Ok Peeps.. I have not been blogging this weekend cause I am totally engrossed in this book! If you are a fan of Kathy, Irish Catholic family life or celebrity news.. This is a fantastic read. Her writing style is as amazing as her stand up work.

All the info you wanted to know about her life. It is actually interesting to read about how she was so determined to be a star at a young age and gossiping and how many years she had paying her dues. It turns out her parents being on the show was not a gimmick but she has been touting them around from day 1. She is very candid and honest and you MUST MUST get this book!

If I couldnt love her enough before.. I triple love her now.

Im Just saying..

Update: Ok .. Now that I finished this book.. I think they should make this into a movie.. All the celebrity's should do a cameo and I think this would be like a Howard Stern movie. Totally unexpected and totally hilarious. This book is not what you think. It's not full of fluff but
all true stories that were unexpectantly funny and things you didnt know!

Halloween pics at home

Had to share a few pics of my grandson and his parents on Halloween. My grandson Patrick's momma had went to an adult party on Friday night and her and my son had dressed as a couple. He was Hercules and Debbie was a greek goddess!! My grandson was Sparticus!!!

Well needless to say.. they had a great time at their party and she dressed again to take Patrick Trick or Treating and in the daytime, she looked like a lady of the evening.. I put a red lightbulb in my front porch lamp.

I'm just saying...

Oh My.. My Grandson as Tinkerbell

My daughter could get not her wee LoLo into her Halloween costume yesterday and became exasperated with her. She went into the kitchen to futz around trying not to get kids angry on a fun day.

Her husband had a great idea since both their wee babies are very competitive and decided to dress his son, my grandson Billy in LoLo's costume thinking she would now get dressed and mommy would be pleased.

Well below is the result and I am sure I will hold onto this pic forever until he dates.

I showed this pic to Mr Man for a laugh and he stared hard at it. He kept staring and I waiting for the smile and a giggle.. and he just asked.. "Did they cut LoLo's hair?" Good grief..

I'm just saying...

Ellen Pranks Taylor Swift

This is too funny. My sista Mona and I used to scare each other all the time! This one time.. (at band camp) I was in our room and we were going to bed. (we shared a room) and she was downstairs getting something in the kitchen and the house was dark as could be. I decided to turn out the lights in our room and get on the floor, on my hands and knees at the door opening and grab her ankles when she came back upstairs.

Well lo and behold, she had a similar idea and she crawled up the stairs on her hands and knees trying to not let me know she was approaching the room to scare me as well, thinking I was in bed. Well needless to say.. we bumped heads in the dark and skeared each other instead! We rolled over laughing for like 15 minutes and again.. we had the very same thought at the same time. Spooky for some peeps..

I love hearing Ellens laugh. Its infectious.

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