Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MOMMMYYY!!!!! Come Wipe My Butt!!!

OMG.. While I was looking for the What What video below.. I came across this little tidbit and it reminded me of when I used to work from home managing projects. I thought I was so smart... Home office, saved money on babysitting since my 15 year son then was not yet in school and was potty training. Problem was, I had a bird, dog and toddler who made taking conference calls difficult.

Ok, I had this big conference call with my RVP and the client RVP and I had prepared all the documents, conference links, etc. I thought to myself.. ok.. the dog.. feed lots of food, water and put out tons of treats. The bird.. stock him with lots of dried food to snack on cause he was a Sun Conure and loud as heck to get my attention. Now the sweet pea boy.. ok I lined up the counter with PBJ, drink boxes and a variety of snacks. Ok I was ready for the call.

15 minutes in the call, I hear behind me in the bathroom.. MOMMMMYYYY!!! Come wipe my hiney!!! I was like oh crap.. and I just tried to cover the phone. (no mute in those days) Then I hear it again but louder.. MOMMMMYYY!!!! COME WIPE MY HINEY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am trying desperately to keep focused on the conversation since we were negotiating fees and I was scribing down the minutes. Then I hear it even louder then louder.. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY COME WIPE MY HIIIIIIIINEYYYYYYY!!! Then all the voices on the phone became silent when my RVP spoke up and said.. "Who is working from home?". I said ummm brb...

Lord have mercy!!!!!!!! I ran in the bathroom, cleaned up the boy and ran back to the phone and nearly passed out at the same time!!!

Moral of the story... Don't let your kids shit where you work.

I'm just saying....

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