Monday, February 2, 2009


UH.. MA... GAWD!!!! How fantastic was the half time show last night??? This was THE best half time show EVA!!!

My claim to fame is that I am the biggest Bruce fan. I am a born and raised Jersey Girl and has seen him in concert so many times as well as seen him just pop up in the night clubs and jump on stage and play. (I was in the nightclubs trying to recruit church ladies for baking cupcakes for the annual church bake sale. I sawear.)

I actually saw him perform at the Spectrum in PA and I had 4Th row on the floor tickets in 80.

Now I classify Springsteen fans in 2 categories:

The OG Fans - The fans who knew his work from the beginning and has hung out in Asbury Park and partying at the Stone Pony catching all the local bands which included Brucey Baby. These people also know the earlier music and can sing the songs.

The Fo Fans - These are fans that only heard of Brucey Baby because of the Born in the USA album and President Reagen at that time tried to use the hit song for his campaign. This album was a huge hit and here he gained alot of fans. Most of these peeps don't know the old music.

So I just want to share some half time BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE with you guys. Enjoy

P.S. The answer is yes. I did carry a large can of aqua net in my pocketbook and had big hair.


  1. Listen Missy! I like Bruce I said my hubby isn't a fan. My favorite songs are Philadelphia and Secret Garden.

  2. LMAOOO Okay.. you can stop washing your mouth out with soap. Erika on the other hand, I am sending her a case of comet. I have too many favorites to list. I am an old school fan so the earlier stuff is awesome too. I could say Rosalita gets me jumping off my chair. B)=


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