Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KKatden - Kathy!! Come Rain or Come Shine Woman!!!

Peeps.. welcome one of my favorite peeps, KK as I call her. Her Name is Kathy and she is one of my favorite peeps in the world for that last, I think 5 years or so? KK tell me the time .. 'your older and have more insurance than me'. (okay for the youngins that was Fried Green Tomatoes. Lord I am tired of explaining meself.

KK and I have been great friends on the Internet and I sincerely call her one of my best friends. We actually talk on the phone from time to time. She takes care of her disabled husband with a loyalty than no other. She is like a Timex. She takes a licken and keeps on ticken.. That's my girl in a nutshell. I LOVE U KK

Ok Sweetie pie.. this is a another dedication to my sweet lady and her mr man who would appreciate the time and place.. TO YOU KK!!

KK is the woman is who I aspire to be.. She is strong.. Relentless.. and a dog after a bone. My kind of woman..

I'm just saying..

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