Saturday, February 28, 2009

Teenage Girl Attacked In Jail Cell


OK peeps, I don't usually post serious stuff here or use non disguised bad language, but this one just pisses me off!

"In the video, a deputy kicks the girl, pushing her back toward the wall. The deputy then strongly backs the girl against the wall, and slams her to the floor by grabbing her hair. A second deputy enters the holding cell, while the first deputy holds the girl face down to the floor. The first deputy appears to hit the girl with his hands. The girl is then lifted up and led out of the cell while the first deputy holds her hair."

The girl is 15 years old peeps! This is A total outrage and I call for the girl down a few posts who squeezed her boy friends testicles to a lovely shade of blue to visit this poor excuse of a man while he is stripped nude and shackled to the wall to perform her magic on him for like... umm.. 4 HOURS!!!!

You can read more about it here...

This is police brutality at its best. It wouldn't be any less disgusting if this was a teenage boy instead of a girl. The turd actually pleaded not guilty and said that 80 pound girl tried to assault him with her shoe.

I'm just saying....
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