Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kristen Schaal On David Letterman

There is a new gal in tv town and her name is Kristen Schaal.  She somewhat reminds me of Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live but all the same.. I am in love with her brand of humor!!

Check out her interview below and I love how she cracks up David.

Mad Men - Don Draper

Mad Men Harder

Where the hell have I been?  I just discovered the show Mad Men and I am totally inlove!!

I heard about the show and instead of starting season 4, of course I had to obtain (dont ask) the first 3 seasons and watch a marathon with Mr Man.

Right out the gate Season 1 Epidose 1 we were impressed!!  What a smart show based in the era which.. er um..  I sort of relate with..  I may now think twice about my mothers admonition that she was a virgin upon her wedding day since they are all doing it in the show in the 60's.  Mom... we gotta talk after I inject you with truth serum.

The show is smart because it splains the ad agency industry and how it evolved starting from the 50's with flashbacks to the 30 - 40's.

Ok, the bigger attraction to the show is none only than DON DRAPER!!!  Oh lord.. what a freakin hunk and I want to bang this man regardless of his wandering eye.  Did I fail to mention that after one episode, you will reach for a bottle of whiskey and a carton of Lucky Strikes??

I so badly want Don (Mr Sexy) thrust a glass of whiskey in my right hand, thrust a lit cigarrete in my left, throw me over his desk, lift up my skirts, undo my garter belts and bang me like no tomorrow!!!  That was a good release..

Every scene has either drinking, smoking or both at all times??  This is a place of work I want to be in.

For peeps who have a special down their need to know.. its on AMC Sunday Nights at 9:00 pm does a great weekly blog with alot of (my fav) shnarky comments and digs into the references made to the era that some on you youngins may not understand..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lisa Lampanelli on OH God.. I think I suck

 Who does not like Lisa the the Lamp who goes full force and suckin all our dicks!!! Or so she simulates it..   she is just special is all.  Gotta love this woman..

She finds a way to insult EVERYONE and somehow its funny ass shit.  I have never seen anyone else have a comic room full of all races and gets them all to laugh while bashing them all.  She is a freak of nature..

How to Insult ALMOST Everyone...
Uploaded by chicachula. - Watch more comedy videos and sitcoms.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Real Housewives Of New Jersey - Kids Reenact

I cant believe I found this video.  I was just chatting with someone that this show is like woman fighting over who stole my barbie or did you eat my ice cream cone!!!!

I say we dump the cast for NJ and hire these sweet faces.  They are more interesting and they look cleaner than the RHoNY turds..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Code Word... CHOW PORN!!

This dude is the new Dog Whisperer.  His room mate has a dog he calls MeatWad, and please dont expect me to understand how they came to naming that dog since I dont sport testicles. 

The owner is slacking on taking the dog for a walk where this guy taking the video has decided to step in on the doody patrol.  This guy has to be golden if he is willing to walk the dog with a plastic baggie to eventually scoop up the hot steamy funky cold medena and have it seep through the cheap baggy to his bare hands..

This guy somehow banged it into the dogs head a code word for lifting its leg..  "CHOW PORN"

WTH???  and mostly.. that dog seems to get real excited about it!!

I'm Just Saying,,,

A Wine Glass Made JUST FOR ME!!

via Dlisted

OMG!!!!!  Someone finally made me a wine glass that contains an ENTIRE bottle of vino of my choice!! 

Has someone been peaking into my wish list of vino infused needs?

Now I dont have to repeatedly get up off my vino stained chair and walk in my vino stained socks for a refill!
Again.. one more opportunity that I have missed out on to make my million dolla's so I can build a wine cella the size of the local mall.  Now the only thing I need now is a Barista bar built next to my wine cella incase I will be required to make an appearance outside my vino infused state.  Oh an a Barista Bar Boy too. 

The only real problem or fear I have of this glass is that I have spilled my glass before and mostly greatful that the glass was nearly empty.  Getting up to pour more wine into a new glass was always a relief.

What happens if I spill this glass??  Will I see pink elephants and crying (like Nancy Kerigan)


Evian Skating Babies to Rappers Delight

What could be more endearing.. The class rap song, Rappers Delight or... Babies on Roller skates!! Ok, what if mash we them for double your fun?? Well Evian Water peeps have done just that with what looks like an amazing commercial of Babies on crack on skates on rap!!

I cant shnark to much.. cause. well they are babies.. even thou they are animated!! wow.. This really can go south if I am not able to reel in the fingers.

I want to harp on the theme of double your fun and here is another oldie of mine with babies but signing in the tub.. Dont be a perv.

Friday, July 16, 2010

KCS COUGAR Is At It Again - Teresa Giudice Twats

Oops.. I mean Twitters

Lord... KCS is at it again and what great timing!!!

As most of you who are Bravo junkies and are all over Teresa Giudice's Tax Evasion, lying under oath to the courts while filing bankruptcy, spendaholic and partyaholic why FILING bankruptcy spoiling her kids which $2000.00 shopping spree's JUST FOR HER KIDS and and.. oh its endles.. Lets not forget about her sexie times daily and nightly with Juicy Joe.

Here is KCS latest and greatest video of the couple and their sexy times while cooking..

Ch Ch Check it out!!

Also older RHoNJ KCSCOUGAR videos are worth rewatching just for the granite and marble dildoe's.

She got BIGGA TITS!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

America's Got Talent - Defying Gravity

This is really hard for me to admit.. but YES!! I do watch America's Got Talent and they have a great act I needed to share if you didnt see it.

That is all.. no quips or shnark..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kathy Griffin's Response To Her Break Up With Levi Johnston

This video is another Emmy Winning award nod for my girl Kathy. She has invested alot into the relationship with Levi and now is heartbroken that Levi's "Johnson" is now engaging with Bristol Palin.

Ok, I meant to say is ENGAGED to!! Same same..

Kathy now needs a case of "Chubby Bubby" Ben and Jerry. A case for each of them and a year supply of batteries. If I had tapped that ass in that PlayBoy Mag.. I would be crying.. too.

KATHY!! My heart goes out to you and sending you a new BOB!!

Comic Owns Heckler

This is just hysterical. Just when you think things cant get worse in this dudes standup.. He gets a one word heckle that makes the room roar with laughter so hard, he is unable to get another word out. Finally when he does after clearly looking quite like he had to squeeze his cheeks together so hard as not to shit himself.. he gives back an awesome comeback that brought the house down..


Funny Or Die with Jewel Punking A Karoake Bar

This is so epic. Jewel got to dress up like a homely frozen food business woman and punk a hard care Karoake Bar into thinking she was some unsung talent and I have to tell you.. It gave me goosebumps and I was rooting for Karen!!! Karen btw is Jewels personna and I really wanted her to do well since she had that huge nose, mousey hair and a bad suit on.

Someone needs to introduce Karen to Nordstroms STAT!!

Surprisingly enough.. the crowd was AWESOME to Karen and more surprisingly, most of them didnt even know after the real Jewel re entered the bar, they still didnt put 2 and 2 together and realized Karen was Jewel. What backwoods place where we visiting??

George Lopez: What They Should Have Said

I dont normally watch George Lopez and am now asking myself why not?

I purposely taped his show because my Kathy Griffin was scheduled as well as the entire cast of Jersey Shore and thought that was an awesome combination.

It turns out that The Situation and Kathy Griffin has slept together the previous night and they were willing to spill the deets.

In the beginning of show after the monolgue, I guess he does a skit called "What They Should Of Said" and he begins to call out Mel Gibson as a racist for his "wetbacks" rants and did a hysterical skit with a clown lip syncing the words to his last rant.

I nearly peed my pants. Makes his point perfectly clear.

Now I need to remember to DVR this show as well. I spend more time catching up on my DVR than anything else these days. DVR is ruining me.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nick Cannon - All That - The Inconvenience Store

Can you believe this is Nick Cannon? I love him in Americas Got Talent and will watch what eva he hosts.. I will forgive him for marrying Mariah Carey.. WHYY???? WHYYYY??? (spoken like Nancy Kerrigan after her knee was bashed in)


Your still hot to me Mr Knick.. Ok I love you in drag and your nails looked gorgeous!!

I'm Just Saying...

Old Man Dances To Lady Gaga - I AM GAGA!!

This old 74 year ol man is cracking me up!! Not only does he have his own dance, he is enlisted hot young men to create the new GAGA DANCE!! HE GOT MOVES!! Hell, he moves so fast that I am getting a woody. If I can only have the moves and energy as this ol dude I would be a strippa of great proportions!! Move over Bunny Ranch!! I am coming!!!

Ok I now had a release and feeling sleepy.

I'm Just saying..

New Commercial For The Old Spice Hottie!!

Yes, I want to smell your body.. Yes, I want to touch your body.. Yes!! Yes!! I want you inside me!! Yes!! Yes!!

Man something about this guy is selling alot of old spice and new spice. You can put him in a jar and I will be the highest bidder!! GIVE IT TO ME!!

YES!! YES!! Just like that Clairol commercial..

I'm just saying..

Adam Sandler Does Jimmy Fallon The High-Larity Ensues..

I love me some Jimmy as well as Adam but this shit is tff.  There is to much that can go wrong with this interview/ dialogue..  but it always comes off where you pee your pants as funny.  I myself maybe have similar stories about kids discovering you in the shower but I have one story from a work friend.  She was in the shower with her two kids and had to bend over to grab something and her daughter asked her..  "Mommy.. when will I get hair in my ass??"  lord have mercy.. this is a great segway into this funny ass video clip of Adam Sandler with Jimmy laughing his ass off or either too embarrased to say so.  I still cant get over the Pink Poo thingy thats a dingy which a hangy on the ass-dingle-bingy. 

More funny chit from Jimmy via Andy Gibb

How many times do we have to watch Kristen Wiig totally lose it and lose it ourselves??  SHe is a freakin genius of nature and I want to hang out with her. 

I'm Just saying..
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