Monday, February 9, 2009

A Blast From The Past

Ok Peeps.. If you have not watched "I Love Lucy", you are too young to be on this site and I urge you right now to close this window or your computer with self destruct. Todays "Blast From The Past" is Lucille Ball. I love this woman and has seen every show being either I Love Lucy or the Lucy Show. My sister Maura and I have seen repeat after repeat together and still do today. We don't argue who is Lucy and who is Ethel. Obviously I am Lucy with the scatter brained ideas and she is Ethel who helps me get away with it. Now... the roles may change based on who is drunker. Lord do I have stories...

Maura and I were on a 2 week trip up and down Cali and decided to go to Universal Studios. They had a brand new I Love Lucy exhibit and we ran towards it dying to see what was inside. Now mind you.. we were sporting a hangover.. (for the 5th day in a row!) and saw the TV showing all the best clips of the show. We first started to chuckle and give each other knowing looks.. then it turned into a louder laugh... Now we are throwing our heads back and gasping for air.. then we had to lean against the glass infront of us.. now.. we cant breathe and are holding our stomachs and NOW!! peeps are looking at us as if we are on some mind hallucinating drug and are out of our minds. At this point, peeps where now scooting their kids out of the exhibit at a fast speed.. and I SWEAR.. we did actually end up on the floor. LITERALLY!!! We could no longer longer stand up!

The best thing that happened right after was that all that oxygen to the brain from laughing so hard for 15 minutes really cleared up our heads and we were now able to head to the bar for another cocktail.

Here are a few of my favorite clips below.

Okies.. the following Clip is dedicated to my sista Maura.. or as we call her.. "Mona". (please don't ask why so as if not to embarress her. So many of these clips remind me of our escapades.

I'm Just saying...
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