Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grandchildren Are For Visiting.. Only.. I GOT GIPPED!!


Holy babysitting folks. I got totally punked when my daughter asked me to watch the kids overnight since she had an early morning court hearing. I thought I maaaaaybe could help out and told her to come get the kids A.S.A.P. and no lolly gagging after the hearing. Okay.. you may be curious about the hearing. She had to go to court since her wee mini daschund had attacked a neighbors pet Duck. She was being sued for like $120,645.92. Okay I exaggerate but OMG!!

Ok back to the real story. I call her the next morning to see how court is going and SHE DIDN'T GO!!! She is sick as a dog (or a duck) and can't even get out of bed and her husband went by himself to defend the family honor and bank account.

Ok, now its like 3 DAYS LATER and the kids are still shmearing buggers on my couch! I have mashed bananas and granola in my carpets and crayon on the walls!!! The whole last three days were trying to find the friggin pacifiers to silence the riff raff and keeping peace between the two most competitive babies I have ever seen!! I swear!! If poor wee Lorelai found a lint in the carpet.. BILLY WANTED IT!!!

They both don't sleep at the same time (Lorelai up all night last night) and I am even too exhausted to drink!!! Yes peeps!! you heard it hear first.. I am actually too tired to drink!!!!! Did I tell you the ages - Billy 2 1/2 Lorelai 1 1/2. Yes peeps I have dirty diaper stink on my furniture and hands and when ever I smell a hiney wipe, I only smell poop!!!!!

I haven't showered in days and my face is a salt lick from running around the house to catch a perp in motion.

CALGON!!!!!!!!!!!! I did my time raising the 4 of my own and when do I get taken away ?????????????????? I had used all the cough medacine and nyquil to knock them out and had to resort to the whiskey. Kept dipping the binkies in ova and ova till I saw results..


Ok, good news.. the baby daddy just came and got the rug rats.. I can start to update the blog and catch up on my shows and maybe.. just maybe rinse the stink off me... YIPPEEE!!!!!!

Ok, the bad news.. I just received notice that tomorrow morning, the electric company is working on a local transformer and I will not have electricity all morning and afternoon. NO TV!!! NO PUTER!!! NO BLOGGING!!!!..

Holy crap.. guess what.. I have to go my daughters to weather out the storm!!!!!!!!!! MORE OF THE SAME BABIES!!!!!!!!

LORD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. I would like to thank the following people who helped me get bye...

Mibi - for her best wishes
NanC - for offering to help out and thinking.. that the best exhaustion is from grandbabies.. WAKE UP WOMAN!!!
Roga Dahlink - for alerting Joey that I am overwhelmed and need help
Joey - For bringing that pitcher of Martini's which I sucked up with a straw.

A video of Erica's rugrats, mostly Billy which does not make up for all the sleepless nights. BUT TOO CUTE!! Ok fair warning... tilt your head to the side cause my daughter just wants to mess with us. Additionally, did you see the size of this 2 year old??? He is in the largest size for baby diapers.. 7 I think and he fills them like a middle aged line backer who eats lots of carbs for the big game!! NO CHIT!!!!

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