Friday, August 19, 2011

The People Of Japan Are Aliens From Another World!

As the aftermath of Japan's Tsunami gets cleaned up, the people of Japan are unearthing from the rubble as well as plucking the beaches with washed up items, thousands of wallets and safes that contain an astronomical amount of money. This is the part that makes the people of Japan Aliens, the returned the items to the authorities to return to the rightful owners if possible.


I think the people of Japan hail from the planet "Decorumious Planetis". You certainly don't hear stories like this everyday and this restores my faith in humanity if its possible.

My previous post had me wanting to move to a beautiful tropical shoreline, and now I want to move to Japan to receive the American exorcism.

"While looting often becomes an issue post-disaster, it's been the exact opposite case in Japan.

Since the March earthquake and tsunami that leveled much of Japan, thousands of wallets containing a total of $48 million in cash have washed ashore -- and been turned in, ABC reports. In addition, 5,700 safes containing $30 million in cash also have turned up.

Ryuji Ito, professor emeritus at Japan's Yokohama City University, tells the Daily Mail that these acts of integrity are simply reflective of the culture:

"...The fact that a hefty 2.3 billion yen in cash has been returned to its owners shows the high level of ethical awareness in the Japanese people."

Hexacopter In Cameroon: African Country From The Sky And I Want To Relocate!

A nice place to fly: Hexacopter in Cameroon / Africa from W. Thielicke on Vimeo.

Amazing video of William Thielicke, a Ph.D. student in biomimetics, built an MM6 Hexacopter and attached a video camera to it, and the results are absolutely stunning. Fly down Cameroon's coast and up its rivers, above small villages, roads and farms and through bridges and forests.

I now got a hankering for palm trees and maitai's!

Debate Over Pot Busts And When The Biggest Bust Was In Mexico

Mexico had just scored a huge pot bust and is claiming is the biggest pot bust ever for Mexico where the plantation spanned 300 acres. Ok, sucks for the stoner's and I bet the drug team got to celebrate with lots of tequila and promotions would be in order.

Turns out that news outlets are challenging the claim as the biggest put bust and cites a 1984 pot bust that spanned 1300 whopping acres valued at gazillions of dollars!

Is it really necessary to debate which pot bust was bigger or greater as long as we are reducing the stoner's who are lazy asses and can't clean their own rooms?

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