Saturday, February 7, 2009

Holy Slip and Slide

We have a few tards that engineered a Slide off the tip of an A frame house and decided to build a slide and land into a pool. OK I am good for fun and games.. butt.. butt.. these boys took it to another level.
Okay first off.. his parents were ten days outta town. Took 7 days to build the contraption. So I am afeared to watch.. no parents, with slackers who come up with the most incredible crazy ass shit to perform. Ok get your popcorn..

Okay the first guy looked really really afeared.. I think he cried MOMMY!!!! lol.. lets move on.

Ok the fantastic music kicks in... I will just watch for the music.. How do they get the slipper slider in the pool everytime?.... These slackers are geniuses. Their parents should be proud.

You will see one dude in red shorts take his plunge and lose his shorts.. he struggles to cover his skinny arse.

OMG!! there is a turd of kid.. who just.. wait..DOH!!!! just misses the pool landing. He has to pretend he is not hurt for the camera. (for the record.. he did not fling his arm up in the air like he dont care and scream.. I'm OK!!!

Ok things start to get dark.. and I get more afeared.. but worse.. I am enjoying this video so much.. but can only imagine my kids wanting to partake. This is serious.. my kids could be swinging from a slippy slider into the sesspoul of hell and I would not know until the paramedics came for insurance informaton.

Can you believe these kids have the ordacity to post credits to a movie that can get them jailed and rearended? LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!

I'm just saying

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