Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Student Arrested For Classroom Texting


HOLY TEXTING!!!!!! A 14 year old Wisconsin girl had been arrested IN HER MATH CLASS because she would not stop texting!! FER REAL!!!! She was actually booked on charges of Disorderly Conduct. 14 years old? FOR THE LOVE OF TEXTING PEEPS!!! That could of been my kid or yours????

What ever happened to detention? You remember detention right? Either a Saturday or weekday all day or after school punishment where you sat in a class with the kids who were the class clowns, the drunkies, pot heads and the sluts who got caught having sex in the stairwells. What ever happened to suspension???? You remember when you got suspended from school? It was like a week long snow day!!!!

Or.. Or .. what ever happened to just whacking the kids across the hand with a ruler!!!!


Seriously folks.. we now call the cops on 14 year old girls? Are they that threatening now? Was she texting that sexy stuff?

IAH - I am horney
THFT - Too hot for teacher
CILBAH - Crap I left BOB at home
TBHAGP - That boy has a great package
And my favorite...
CMBWBFO - Chit my Ben Wa Balls fell out

I'm just saying.....

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