Friday, February 27, 2009

The Lovely Face of a Ball Crusher

Isn't that face sweet and innocent? Well folks, don't judge a book by its cover. This cute lass has been arrested for.. wait.. here it comes..

"squeezing the chit out of her man's testicacles"

I kid you not. This gal was an off and on girlfriend of the most deserving boy and when he tried to break it off with her for the 20th time, she decided to make it hurt. I am not sure what he did to provoke her, but I am sure she is justified. Just because she came to his home in the wee hours and was screaming and yelling and maybe would wake the neighbors IS NO REASON TO JAIL THE LOVELY WOMAN!!!!

Yep, she did the ol' come hither honey.. let me ... uh.. GRAB UR NUTZ AND MAKE YOU SCREAM!!!!!!

I say we just get together and create a fund to free this woman then give her a medal. OH WAIT!!! I got the best medal eva!! As previously posted in another thread on a different subject.. THE TRUCK NUTZ MEDAL!!


Here is the actual police report which describes the horrific but yet hysterical ordeal. My best part is when asked the dude how it felt.. he said.. "Yeah, it hurt alot" MAN UP DUDE!!!

I'm just saying...

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