Saturday, February 14, 2009

Holy Chocolate-Covered Bacon?

WTF????? Chocolate Covered Bacon?? (wondering if this will cure a hangover...) What will they come up with next?????

The Florida State Fair
is sporting some interesting treats that will MAKE YOU FAT!!! I keep smacking my head against my screen to figure out how did they ever come up with that combo? wait.. wait... its coming to me now...

This dude discovered while he was making breakfast that he was super late cause of his jerk before work and decided to forgo the eggs and just grab the bacon and run to the bus stop.

This dudette overslept due to a session with BOB, many many times, and only had time to grab the chocolate syrup she spilled in a cup and ran to the bus stop.

Coming from different directions these two unlikely peeps had literally ran into each other and their items got bunched together..

The dude looks down and says HEY!!!!! Your chocolate is on my bacon!! Then dudette looked down and says HEY!!!!! Your bacon is in my chocolate!!! ..

Hence the chocolate covered bacon was born.

I'm just saying...

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