Monday, February 21, 2011

Man Thinks He has Headache.. But A Rusty Memory..

Who the hell in their right mind has rediculous never lasting gobstobbing headeaches and checks them selves in a hospital to eventually find out they got an affliction.. Called.. I GOT STABBED IN THE BRAIN AFFLICTION!!!

Geezus knive on brain and call me a stupid arse fuke.

Ok.. Stabbed in brain. check

Got migraines.. check..

Scored Pills on da street.. no help.. check

Slapped my baby mama's.. check

Had an XRAY.. check

Ur killin me!!!


The Rose.. A Cover By A Special Peep

HEY!! I am not judging and am promoting the "Don't Hate" .. but

God Bless Her Heart..

I mean it.. for real!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keenan Cahill Fist Pumps All Night Long With DJ Pauly D

If you peeps haven't seen this YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill, you have been missing out on the new lip syncing gnome who has some serious facial expressions and passions in his video's. 

Notice the lil dudes T-Shirt.  He is freakin adorable and I just want him to set him on my lap and pinch his cheeks..   his face you turds..

I am dying to know how old this lil dude is and what does his parents look like that spurned this little love muffin.

If you want to view Keenan's entire YouTube channel.. select HERE

For his twitter account.. here is the link..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Robert Michelson called 911 to ask how much trouble he could get into for his pot plant.

Life is like a bunch of chocolates, you never know who makes the chocolates with home grown pot!!

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