Friday, February 13, 2009

Blast From The Past

Ok come on.. who doesn't remember getting the chills from watching "Revenge Of The Nerds" movie, with the scene of the talent show, then you first saw Poindexter's shadow with the electric violin play (the 80's sound music) then eventually seeing that bow fly up into the air???? You could see his spiked hair and glasses in the shadow.. You knew he was suddenly cool. It must of been a nerd directing and editing. Lord I want to sleep with Poindexter (shivers with goosebumps)

Now this was Bugger's big time to shine in his EEELLVIS garb. What a package.

You gotta love Lamar. The boy had the limp wrist that gave them an edge in the javelin throw and can do the moondance with swift hips!!!

Clap.. your hands every body... and every body clap your hands...

This is my motto in life.

Your getting a divorce from the hot mess?
Clap.. your hands every body..

Your just got fired from the butthole of a job?
Clap.. your hands every body..

You just loss 10 pounds from diarrhetics?
Clap.. your hands every body..

You drank ur arse off silly last night and found out your true love is butt ugly?
Clap.. your hands every body..

Peeps if you haven't seen this movie, then please.. go directly to and register yourself for a beating with a wet noodle. Seriously.


I'm just saying...
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