Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Unlikely Friendship Between an Orangutan and A Hound Dog

Ok, Its Long over due for some AWE factor. What else can make you go AWEEEE like two unlikely animals finding true friendship. I sorta relate with the wondering hound dog and need someone like the Orangutan to take care of me. Yeah Yeah.. I know thats pathetic.. but I am getting to old to take care of all the turds in my home and I want to move to an undisclosed island with no cell phone service. I would live in a bathing suit and sip umbrella drinks on the beach all day with no one to nag me. Sigh... thats sounds so beautiful I could cry.

Check out this video that seems to simulate real life. Life is like an a bunch of wild animals, you never know if your gonna get bit or licked..

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