Friday, December 25, 2009

Jersey Shore The Real Situation.

Who would of known that the Fist Pumping peeps of the Jersey Shore were acting from a script and are not who they seem?  The situation here is not necessarily Mr Situation's personna and I think he looks more delicious to me.  Crap.. I have been drinking too much Jersey wine and I think I have too much Gel in my hair..  Oh I digress..

Below is  a video someone made who has hung out at the Jersey Shore too much observing the Fist Pumping dudes and decided to recreate his vision.  This is an oldie but a goody by I swear.. once I saw the first episode of JS this video no longer looks like a spoof but the real thing...

Below is the video showing the REAL JS peeps talking about Mr. Situations situation.  Who knew Pauly had an English accent? 

If you you didnt see the JS peeps on Celebrity Jeopardy with Jay Leno.. check it out here to laugh your ass off. 

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