Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chubby Bunny Game

This new post is by our favorite Chola makeup artist Baby Smiley! She has shared with us this new game you can easily play with your friends and family. I know I know.. I am immature! But I cant help myself!!!!

This whole thing is totally LOL's and I dare you to watch this without not having a wee tinkle in your panties!!! Okay Okay.. only if you are menopausal will you soak your panties.

Disclaimer: If you do this at home, make sure atleast one person knows how to perform the Heimlich Manuever for safety sake! Oh, and make sure that person is not a perve who will feel up the big booby ladies.. I would rather choke to death than go through that again..

I'm Just saying...

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