Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Judge Judy Prank Calls!

OMG.. This is TFF. Some genius has captured all the Judge Judy-ism's and made a sound board. Then some other genius decided to prank some poor soul with all communication from Judge Judy herself! The response from this turd on the receiving end of the line is fantastic and I have fantasies of making prank calls to my kids to either make them shape up or ship out!!!

I wish there was a wave file for:

"clean your room you rotten bastard!" or
"get your own place you freeloading couch potato!!" or wait even better..
"go shave your ass cause you got roots growing by sitting infront of the video game all day!!"

Yeah.. that might work..

To make your own Judge Judy calls, use this handy utility.

I'm just saying..

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