Saturday, December 19, 2009

Acoustic Version of Bad Romance by Lucas Silviera

Ok I KNOW I KNOW!!   I am obsessed  with Lady Gaga's Bad Romance!  I was first obsessed with Poker Face, then Papparazzi, then Just Dance.. Every Time I thought she can't top herself.. she certainly does!  I think Miss Gaga has like 70 gabillion hits on the Bad Romance Video and I think half of them are from me. 

I love her costumes, her choreography, her voice, the way she moves, etc.  I wonder how she keeps all those crazy cool clothing and video concepts coming.  I just envision her surrounded by a bunch faboosh gays with all the creativity one could muster who are realizing her concepts in her lyrics.  I dont think any straight man or woman could pull that off with all that faboooosh style and moves.

Ok, the reason I am posting.. Lucas Silveria from The Clicks did a great cover on Bad Romance in a really jazzy sultry way that I just had to share with peeps!

Faboosh or what?
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