Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jersey Shore Peeps on Leno's Celebrity Jeopardy

Ok I Die.. seriously..  If you have been watching or reading about the show "Jersey Shore" peeps and all their Guido Glamour.. you might enjoy this clip.

Disclaimer:  They call themselves Guides and Guidettes so I am not making this up or calling names!!  They are loud and proud of their heritage and new definition of a Guido!!  peeps need to get on board with these peeps since they are revolutionary and ground breaking in breaking stereo types with a fist pump or a Bumpette in your hair!!!

I am so amazed how orange they are while sporting lots of gel in the hair and the only claim to fame for some is an fugly face with ripped abs.  GOD!!  I love this show.. it gives me so much material and I love to hate on the "Bennies" (thats Joisey talk) who infiltrate our beaches and pretend that they own the place. 

Ok Ok.. I digress.  Here is the clip from Leno which gives me hope in knowing the education system for these peeps is working!!  Or working well into making sure once their tans wear off and their muscles turn into fat..  they will be the waiting tables at the Jersey Shore serving Pizza to the next generation of Guides/Guidettes..  I can see The Situation now...  "dang... them were da days and aint them grand??  All that fist pumping and sleeping with sleezy drunk ho's in the hot tub where I left my sperm last night was da bomb!!!!"


I'm just saying,,
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