Monday, March 2, 2009

TOTD - (Thought of the Day) A Mother Ponders



Let's say you woke up to the bright lights in the house due to the reflection of the snow and you saw every bit of yuck gracing your beloved home. You made some tea, then some more. Blogged a bit, and read a few posts. You had finally decided your home is no longer beloved.

Eventually you got up and started to give your home an enema! Out with the dust, in with the disinfectant! You dust, scrub, cleanse and vacuum like its aerobics on a DVD. I am panting, sweating and my face is like a salt lick and my eyes are burning. I settle down for a few minutes and decide to jump into the shower. While I am in the bathroom, I can't help myself. I scrub some more, disinfect some more, then finally run the hot water to rid the body of all the parasites where the number of parasites is more than the people on earth.

I emerge from the bathroom all fresh and shiny, pressed clothes.. glide down the stairs with the dregs of the earth lifted off my shoulders and body...


My boys one by one ask me..

"Mom? Who is coming over?"
"No one why?"
"Well your cleaning like Christmas"
"Well I am not getting the freaking tree out or making a ham"
"Mom, where are you going?"
"No where, why?"
"You took a shower... thought you might be going out.."
Can't a woman just take care of business without the scrutiny of her hygiene?

Hmmmmm... Out of the mouths of babes..?????

My mom of course chimes in..

OH!!! Are we a lady now??? I didn't recognize you....

OMG I am gonna move to a friggin island with no cell phone service with laser beams on shark heads directed to my home in Joisey.

I'm just saying...

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