Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lucy Ball Demonstrates How We Can Economize During Tough Times.

Blast From The Past is not so irrelevant!

Poor Lucy. She has seen financial woes and we can certainly sympathize with her during our tough times. We all need to economize and stop the unnecessary services we pay for and start doing things for ourselves!!!

- Quit the fake ugly nails, (man do you peeps know how ugly they look? They look like hooks for bugers)
- Quit the Merry Maid Services and git off your arses and do it your damn selves you lazy arses.
- Quit the high fashion names on the most ugly Ho bags I have ever seen and ridiculous clothes. Walmart will readily accept your broke arse credit cards.
- Quit the facials! You can't stop the aging so why pay money pretending you look good?
- Quit the expensive movie theaters! The popcorn, soda and raisin-ettes are costly. Just download the darn movies like I do and hope you don't get caught!
- Quit dining out peeps!! The alcohol is the most expensive part of the meal and you know most of you peeps drink most of your meals.. (drinking at home is most economical and safe.. to say the least..)
- Quit taking your clothes to the dry cleaners and do your own friggin laundry!!!! They can not get out those friggin milky stains off your collar!!!

DO NOT!!! AND I REPEAT.. DO NOT!! DO YOUR OWN HAIR!!! You will end up looking like crack in the can with bad roots.

I'm just saying..

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