Friday, March 6, 2009

My Grandbaby Told Me "I Am Gonna Kick Your Ass!!"

Ok the posting is outrageous enough. I hear you. This lovely child of 2.5 years old told me.. "I am gonna kick your ass grandma"

Now I was totally taken back.. had to think hard then asked the poor baby .. "What did you say?"
"Grandwa.. I gonna kick ur ass"
Originally, he wanted soup, I didnt make any soup so I opened a can. Heated it up, drained the liquids cause kids can't sip the liquids without making a mess... and I am not into cleaning up a huge mess that can be prevented.. Okay.. so I set down the soup.. the super baby loves it and starts eating.. I sit next to him and watch him which he just loves the company. He gets all sweet and happy that he has company while he is eating and he so lovingly tells me.. "grandwa.. I gonna kick your ass" OMG!! Who taught this baby such blasphamy!!! So I call in my Mr Man.. "The baby said this.. So he tells the baby.. "I am gonna kick your ass" THe baby says... "Pappy! I am gonna kick UR ass" OMG!!! There is no turning back!!!

Finally I yelled to my son.. "KYLE!!! GIT IN HERE!!!!!" Yeah the same Kyle who sung to me.. "Kyles mom is a bitch bitch bitch" see a few post's below.

This is my sweet Patrick before he learned to talk and looking at him.. I had no idea I would ever hear those words..


I'm just saying...

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