Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Bagels And the "Ham"

My Mom was shopping earlier in the week and was in the bakery section when she spotted the green bagels. Of course the grocery store took an opportunity to capitalize on the holiday and it worked on my mom.

She quickly grabbed the bagels, came home, and proudly announced she purchased GREEN BAGELS!!! She sought out each person in the house to make this announcement and was proud of herself for her St. Patricks Day Contribution.

As I make my Corned Beef and Cabbage I do not seek out the appreciation for the laborious meal that cooks for hours and heats up my house with the stench of cabbage no matter how good it tastes. My mom is an attention seeker and she seems to think that bagels where worthy of all the "pats" on the back. I always seem to take every opportunity to point out my mom's craziness and then.. I start to feel guilty.. for a minute or two.

“Lord, please help me to stop being this way. Forgive me of my sins and help me to not feel this way. Please take these feelings away and give me the right ones. Please keep me from going to hell.”

A day or so goes by and the Mr Man says to me, "Aileen! The bagels are green!?!?" I said.. yes dear they are.

Then he asks.. "Whats wrong with them?"

I stood back, just stared at the man, then patiently said.. Honey.. St Patricks Day is coming up. OK.. Then he says... "But that's not until Tuesday?"

Please shoot me now.. I live in a house with peeps who don't have a clue and I feel like the only sane one.

I'm just saying...

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