Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cell Phones Can Pop Popcorn?


This lil tidbit below shows us just how dangerous or.. or... skeary cellphones can be to our body!!!

Not the popcorn peeps.. its delicious and nutritious... I can eat popcorn all day. The thing I hate most about popcorn is the friggin shell like matter that gets stuck in between your teeth. You can dig all you want but somehow it has to come out naturally. The other thing I hate is the smell. Its like cigarettes and takes for ever to go away. I had a friend who had to have a bowl every night just to have a normal bowel movement. Well that's what she told me so I wouldn't be so offended by the smell on her 24 x 7. She wasn't really a friend but a co-worker who I imagined wouldn't be so pleasant if she had her daily routine out of whack.. Me.. I just need a cup of tea and I am good to go!!!

Okies Okies.. I DIGRESSED!!!!

I think I may plan on using either the blue tooth or speaker phone from now on..

And to think we are buying phones for our kids...

I'm just saying...

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