Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HOLY OCTO MOM Giving Birth Video!!

Holy Crap.. new rumors of Oct Mom selling her birthing of 8 sweet wee babies in now up for sale!!! I guess a girl gotta pay the rent but HOLY MOLY!!! who wants all that kind of business out there for the world to see?? The last thing I wanted was ANYONE to see me all sweaty and grunting like a baboon and swearing like a sailor in the most uncomfortable and undesirable looking position to hit the Internet or worse... MAIN STREAM MEDIA TO OBSERVE, and tell me how fat my thighs looks.. SERIOUSLY!!! My mama jugs would so be going east and west and forget about the stretch marks!!! That vision alone can burn a hole through your brain!

I do not think this is a good move on anyone parts.. the participant and mostly the viewer.

Stuff like this causes cancer to the eye..

I'm just saying...

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