Monday, March 2, 2009

Margaret and Helen ROCKS!!

Margaret and Helen are 2 amazing 80's something woman who just tell it like it is and call it out in print. These woman drew a lot of attention during the election and I can't even imagine the hits they have by just looking at the number of comments per post. They had thought the fuss over their website would die down after the election but the fire in Helen's bottom due to the election like most of us, has her eyes and ears open and doesn't hesitate to tell it like it is from all their 170 years of experience combined.

This is refreshing and entertaining as Helen is the majority contributor to the site and by the content of the postings, most peeps think she is really a college student working on a paper of some sort. Either way.. I am entertained and laugh out loud from the candid wisdom.

Helen's latest postings are an 8 part review of "Ann Coulter the Tranny Mess" latest book. She started the reading and review of the book for Margaret so she would not have to damage her eyes or brain. Helen thinks she is tougher.

Go check out the ladies words of wisdom.

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