Thursday, July 1, 2010

Adam Sandler Does Jimmy Fallon The High-Larity Ensues..

I love me some Jimmy as well as Adam but this shit is tff.  There is to much that can go wrong with this interview/ dialogue..  but it always comes off where you pee your pants as funny.  I myself maybe have similar stories about kids discovering you in the shower but I have one story from a work friend.  She was in the shower with her two kids and had to bend over to grab something and her daughter asked her..  "Mommy.. when will I get hair in my ass??"  lord have mercy.. this is a great segway into this funny ass video clip of Adam Sandler with Jimmy laughing his ass off or either too embarrased to say so.  I still cant get over the Pink Poo thingy thats a dingy which a hangy on the ass-dingle-bingy. 

More funny chit from Jimmy via Andy Gibb

How many times do we have to watch Kristen Wiig totally lose it and lose it ourselves??  SHe is a freakin genius of nature and I want to hang out with her. 

I'm Just saying..
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