Monday, July 19, 2010

A Wine Glass Made JUST FOR ME!!

via Dlisted

OMG!!!!!  Someone finally made me a wine glass that contains an ENTIRE bottle of vino of my choice!! 

Has someone been peaking into my wish list of vino infused needs?

Now I dont have to repeatedly get up off my vino stained chair and walk in my vino stained socks for a refill!
Again.. one more opportunity that I have missed out on to make my million dolla's so I can build a wine cella the size of the local mall.  Now the only thing I need now is a Barista bar built next to my wine cella incase I will be required to make an appearance outside my vino infused state.  Oh an a Barista Bar Boy too. 

The only real problem or fear I have of this glass is that I have spilled my glass before and mostly greatful that the glass was nearly empty.  Getting up to pour more wine into a new glass was always a relief.

What happens if I spill this glass??  Will I see pink elephants and crying (like Nancy Kerigan)

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