Wednesday, July 14, 2010

George Lopez: What They Should Have Said

I dont normally watch George Lopez and am now asking myself why not?

I purposely taped his show because my Kathy Griffin was scheduled as well as the entire cast of Jersey Shore and thought that was an awesome combination.

It turns out that The Situation and Kathy Griffin has slept together the previous night and they were willing to spill the deets.

In the beginning of show after the monolgue, I guess he does a skit called "What They Should Of Said" and he begins to call out Mel Gibson as a racist for his "wetbacks" rants and did a hysterical skit with a clown lip syncing the words to his last rant.

I nearly peed my pants. Makes his point perfectly clear.

Now I need to remember to DVR this show as well. I spend more time catching up on my DVR than anything else these days. DVR is ruining me.

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