Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mad Men - Don Draper

Mad Men Harder

Where the hell have I been?  I just discovered the show Mad Men and I am totally inlove!!

I heard about the show and instead of starting season 4, of course I had to obtain (dont ask) the first 3 seasons and watch a marathon with Mr Man.

Right out the gate Season 1 Epidose 1 we were impressed!!  What a smart show based in the era which.. er um..  I sort of relate with..  I may now think twice about my mothers admonition that she was a virgin upon her wedding day since they are all doing it in the show in the 60's.  Mom... we gotta talk after I inject you with truth serum.

The show is smart because it splains the ad agency industry and how it evolved starting from the 50's with flashbacks to the 30 - 40's.

Ok, the bigger attraction to the show is none only than DON DRAPER!!!  Oh lord.. what a freakin hunk and I want to bang this man regardless of his wandering eye.  Did I fail to mention that after one episode, you will reach for a bottle of whiskey and a carton of Lucky Strikes??

I so badly want Don (Mr Sexy) thrust a glass of whiskey in my right hand, thrust a lit cigarrete in my left, throw me over his desk, lift up my skirts, undo my garter belts and bang me like no tomorrow!!!  That was a good release..

Every scene has either drinking, smoking or both at all times??  This is a place of work I want to be in.

For peeps who have a special down their need to know.. its on AMC Sunday Nights at 9:00 pm does a great weekly blog with alot of (my fav) shnarky comments and digs into the references made to the era that some on you youngins may not understand..
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