Friday, July 16, 2010

KCS COUGAR Is At It Again - Teresa Giudice Twats

Oops.. I mean Twitters

Lord... KCS is at it again and what great timing!!!

As most of you who are Bravo junkies and are all over Teresa Giudice's Tax Evasion, lying under oath to the courts while filing bankruptcy, spendaholic and partyaholic why FILING bankruptcy spoiling her kids which $2000.00 shopping spree's JUST FOR HER KIDS and and.. oh its endles.. Lets not forget about her sexie times daily and nightly with Juicy Joe.

Here is KCS latest and greatest video of the couple and their sexy times while cooking..

Ch Ch Check it out!!

Also older RHoNJ KCSCOUGAR videos are worth rewatching just for the granite and marble dildoe's.

She got BIGGA TITS!!!!
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